Sex at the pool :: A Sex scene with Kitty Bella – Great place for sex

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sex at the pool :: A Sex scene with Kitty Bella – Great place for sex

Kitty Bella – Fuck and Suck for a Swim on is a Great Free Sex Video Starring porn star Kitty Bella. The entire video makes up one incredible sex scene where you seeing Kitty Bella bouncing up and down like a “roller coaster sex” ride on one very lucky dude’s cock. All this hardcore action takes place at a fast pace and I have to admit only being interested in Kitty Bella’s perfect tits and great ass as she wallops this guy’s body. What a babe!!! What a hardcore babe!!! I think she is definitely one the hottest hardcore porn stars in the adult film industry. Her xxx videos and xxx pics show me that she’s one of the sexiest porn stars today. In this scene she jumps into the pool and is clearly not willing to share it with another swimmer. The swimmer who you see casually talking to Kitty Bella just so happens to be in for something one may describe as one fine swimming experience. I think he is one lucky dude but you can judge yourself the is xxx evidence is shown below – in fact I think there’s twenty hardcore pics I took of the video and posted here. So when the action gets started Kitty Bella cries out to him: “Well I cant swim with another guy in the pool.” He states,” If you can beat me in a race I’ll let you have the pool all to yourself.” Kitty Bella says back,”OK lets do it”. Then he beats her and asks Kitty Bella if her huge boobs weighed her down and says, “Looks like I get to keep the pool – Do you mind?” and he grabs a fistful of her nice tits.

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